Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankfulness for Positive Things-Focusing on the Future

What are you thankful for? It's easy to focus on all of the negative-- it is human nature to list the things we are unhappy about! It takes more patience and focus to really think about what is Good, or even just okay. When you are in divorce there is no question that there is alot of "bad" to look at. It is one of the reasons you are getting a divorce. But the divorce will not last forever (though sometime the length of time it takes can seem like it!) and life will go on. Take the time this week and throughout the holiday season to be thankful for those things that are not wrong!
Maybe some of this sounds familiar?
Your ex and you argue, but maybe you can acknowlege that they are a good parent?
You, your ex and your children are healthy, this is good for you and your children.
You have free time to focus on YOU when your children are with the other parent.
You or your ex's job is secure.
You have a place to live.
You have people who love you.